Atea Energy Pvt. Ltd.


To be the market leader in low power solar systems which cater to off-grid and on-grid consumers in emerging markets.


We are a social enterprise with a mission to foster growth of renewable energy applications. We have lofty goals of becoming the market leader in low power solar LED lights and solar home systems. We have a solid technology background in the fields of electronics product design, manufacturing and quality systems implementation. We are in the business of providing stand-alone power supply systems to rural and semi-urban users. We use Solar Energy as the basic form of energy to power our systems. We provide lighting, communication and other media requirements for the targeted consumer base. Though we describe ourselves as isolated power supply provider, however our systems can be used as supplemental power supply for small household requirements where on-grid connection is irregular and erratic.


  • Continuous engineering innovation
  • Quality products and processes
  • Outstanding customer services
  • Respect and develop people


In house product design: The complete product design is done by our in house design team and is designed to the requirement of the local population and to foster the local eco system. All the products undergo thorough and rigorous testing before being subjected to mass production including ERTL/NPL certification performance, safety and reliabilty.

Unbeatable quality: At Atea, we manufacture quality, we do not believe in simply controlling quality on the end product. Hence, quality processes and systems are followed in every step of manufacturing and thus ensuring every piece produced is a quality product.

Prompt service and minimal downtime: Our products are designed to deliver satisfaction in performance and reliability throught the life of the product. However, in the unlikely case of failure, our support system is set up to provide solution in a very responsive manner, thus keeping a high uptime.

Extensive outreach and coverage: The unique aspect of Atea’s non conventional delivery and distribution channel is to aim at increasing the social impact through empowerment at the local village level. It goes above and beyond a traditional channel of business partners to sell the products to the households in the village.

Management Team: The founding members make a multi-faceted team with foundation of Engineering education from premiere institutions in India followed by multilevel management education from top-tier management schools. They have a strong technology background in the fields of electronic product design, manufacturing, quality system implementation and managing global customer base from South East Asia to Europe to North America.